Musings of a Counter Feminist: Autopsy of a Shakedown

Episode 39 January 16, 2022 01:36:35
Musings of a Counter Feminist:  Autopsy of a Shakedown
The Thoroughly Wrong Project
Musings of a Counter Feminist: Autopsy of a Shakedown

Show Notes

Bob and Lalo sit down this week with Jack Kammer, a radio host, author, activist and advocate of men’s rights as a Counter Feminist Social Worker. This 90 minute conversation covers so much ground, you will be left wanting more as we dissect the birth, transmutation and rise of modern feminism.

You may have noticed the “Autopsy of a Shakedown” in the title this week and please note that it was carefully chosen. The term "autopsy" derives from the Ancient Greek αὐτοψία (autopsia), "to see for oneself" and shakedown being defined as “a swindle or a piece of extortion.

So as they say, get in, sit down and buckle up because if you go along for the ride, you might just see something you haven’t seen before. Keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times and be careful you don’t knock yourself out with those knee jerk reactions…

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